5. August 2007


Blogging in the summer..



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24. May 2007

6 tips for getting more traffic on your blog

If you get stucked with your Blog and don’t know how to get more visitors and traffic check out this list:

  • It’s all about the theme: Take a good one, with harmonic colors and a good usability.

    Resources: Themes.Wordpress, Fahlstad, How to Blog
  • Plugins and SEO: The most important thing for search engines and your visitors.

    Resources: Akismet – Very good Spam Protection

    FollowURL – For “no-nofollow” and a better linkstructure for the bots

    SmartUpate – If you install this one, you wouldn’t send ping again, if you edit your posts

    DynamicMeta – Creates a new Meta Description and Meta Keywords for each site

    GoogleSitemap – Creates a sitemap for Google

    Keywords – Keywords are very good for bots, because they love links :)

    More to find at proBlogger
  • The content – must be interesting

    Resources: Technorati Popular and Where’s the Fire? What’s Hot, and Why are two good service to see what’s interesting for the people outside.

    More Ideas: 101 Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle
  • How to become Success, Traffic, Visiors?

    There are two methods!

    First one: Write your blogurl in the signature on each forums you are. Write it in your e-mail signature, too. Leave your URL in guestbooks andblog directories (e.g: Blogcatalog or Google Directory). Tell your friends about your blog via Messanger.

    Second one: Use the Web 2.0

    Register and do some actions on MyBlogLog. If you write in peoples profiles and view their sites, the come to you. Explode is the same one!

    Go and twitter something like: “I just complete a blog post – LINK”.

    You want 9 Minutes of Fame? No problem! Check this and visitors will be guaranteed. Publish your posts on Digg and the other social bookmarking services like: Del.Icio.Us, or Furl.

    Ping some services. How does it works? Go on reading here

More? Read more tips here: Branding Your Blog for Success, 27 Lessons Learned on the Way to 3000 Visits a Day and 2200 RSS Subscribers, A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of Successful Blogs

26. March 2007

Free stuff! Icons, Blogthemes and Homepagetemplates

If you want to start a homepage or a weblog you don’t need knowledge of HTML or CSS. There are many Homepage and Blogtemplates on the internet. If you ever googled for free templated you’ll get hundred of sites with templates, but the most of them are not free or the quality is very bad.


  • Open Source Web Design
  • Currently more than 2000 Homepagetemplates
  • Freewebtemplates
  • Many business templates.
  • Templatemonster
  • At template monster you will get only templates for paying, but there are some free sample templates.
  • Freewebsitetemplatess
  • Many templates without copyrights.
  • Freelayouts
  • Freelayouts has myspace and cms templates, too.
  • Freecsstemplates
  • Very nice CSS Templates.
  • dezinehub
  • Many templates for different topics.
  • entheoswebb
  • Simple Templates.
  • effex-media
  • Good and many Templates


  • blogger-templates
  • Free Themes for blogs at blogger.com
  • ehsany
  • Free Themes for blogs at blogger.com in different languages.
  • WordPress Theme Viewer
  • Everyone knows that.
  • smashingmagazine
  • Great Posting with 83 beautiful wp themes.
  • kopfkribbeln
  • In german, but download and preview is english ;)
  • wpthemes
  • Very nice wordpress themes from Sadish
  • fahlstad
  • Nice quality themes.
  • How to Blog
  • A list with 980+ WordPress themes from “How to Blog”
  • It could be this one
  • Could it be a wordpress theme from this one?


  • Maxpower
  • Nice Icon collection for webiste
  • FamFamFam
  • Many Icons for your weblog or website. Very nice!
  • Everaldo
  • High quality Icons for sure.


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3. March 2007

Vlogs in an Overview

Yeah, much information over the globe and you can get them all on your PC through the internet.

Videoblogs are great and maybe the next generation of the Weblogs? Who knows…

I’ve collected some good Vlogs and create a list. The Vlogs are about Media, Politics, Internet, Celebrity, Entertainment, and more.

Here we go…

  • Amanda for ABC News
  • Media, Politics, Internet, mostly everything
  • Jetset Show
  • Weird, Fun, Geeky, Music, Daily Life things
  • Scriggity
  • Weird, Fun, Scriggity!!
  • TheMap – Videos
  • News and so on xD
  • Digital Trends
  • let me think… hm it’s about Digital Trends
  • TeXtra
  • Technology News – Really GREAT!
  • CnetTV
  • Internet, Technologies
  • Reuters
  • What can I say to Reuters.. interesting, good, international, news around the globe
  • Rocketboom
  • Internet, News, Comment – Daily
  • Geekentertainment
  • erm? Geek?!
  • Mobuzztv
  • Internet, News, CYBER NEWS o.O
  • GeekBrief
  • The name, look at the name..
  • 1938Media
  • Ya, everything, politics, celebrity, entertainment, internet
  • TVsquad
  • celebrity, entertainment
  • The9 on Yahoo!
  • celebrity, entertainment
  • Rich pretty girl
  • celebrity, entertainment, internet ..

21. February 2007

The next MyBlogLog?

Just seen, that there is a new service called Explode.

This is a next social network and it is similar to MyBlogLog.

Maybe I will create an account there to check this new service out.

But if you don’t want to wait: There is an article called Look Out MyBlogLog – Here Comes Explode on TechCrunch.


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17. February 2007

Comparison of the Blog services

Everywhere you can get a free blog at different services. I take the top 4 services and compared them by their functions and the way to use.

I compared here the services: Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Livejournal.com and Windows Live Spaces.


  • Fast registration
  • easy way to use
  • Tagoption in posts
  • Add and arrange Page Elements on Frontpage
  • Many settings
  • Good Templateeditor (edit HTML, too – Build own theme)
  • RSS-Feed and nearly XHtml and CSS valid
  • No categories
  • Profile and Comments on another page, not directly in the blog
  • Navbar on top
  • Plugininstalltion difficult
  • Only write posts – no sites


  • Fast and easy registration
  • easy way to use
  • dashboard with own style andmany settings
  • blog and feed stats
  • write pages
  • set categories
  • many themes and plugins are preinstalled
  • rss-feed, xhtml and css valid
  • can not build own theme
  • limited space (50MB)
  • A litle bit difficult for beginners


  • Slowest registration but still good
  • Choose between two variants of the account
  • Choose your mood, tags, location and music at a post
  • Friend and community system
  • Nearly xhtml and css valid
  • Helpmail how to start
  • Create a poll
  • Advertisement !
  • It is not easy to handle
  • Navbar on top

live.com (Microsoft Space)

  • More or less easy to use
  • Many themes and options
  • Integrated statictictool
  • You can send trackbacks to other blogs
  • In other blogs you have a blog it option
  • no tags
  • very slow
  • Too many scripts in the code
  • You are not able to edit the css or html code

So at the end of this comparison I can say, that blogger.com is the best way you can start with. The registration is very fast and you can directly start to blog. You have many options, but not too much, so you can handle everything. For those who only want to write posts and maybe show some images it will be ideal.

But if you have a little experience you should choose WordPress.com, because you have more options, better looking and more plugins for SEO and so on.

Maybe you are not agree with. So let me hear your opinoin in the comments.


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21. January 2007

Should I start writing in English?

In my other weblog I ask the following:

You can often read that one has more success with his weblog when the author writes in English. Most people of the world understand this langauge and so do most of my people.

MyBlogLog gives me the mental impetus to start thinking about that. If I write my blog entries in English i can give everybody the chance to understand me.

I get a good feedback for the design but most are not able to understand anything. The translation by bablefish is not very good so either I start writing English or the English speakers must read it by this translation.

The biggest problem I have is that I could not handle this language very well and my sentences are very simple. I can not image that I am able to write whole movie reviews in a good way. But I can try and I think it is not bad when I learn this world language better.

So now I decided: YES!

I make this weblog only for english speakers.

So I hope you like the design :D

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