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6. June 2007

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The SoftwareDeveloper lists 100 Freebie CSS Resources.

If you’re in the market for a professional grade site, you’ve probably found that quality design work doesn’t come cheap. But while hiring outside help can be costly, designing your own site can be almost free if you know where to look for good resources, tutorials and tools.

That’s a really nice list!

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My development in design and coding

27. January 2007

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A few weeks ago I found one of my first sites which I coded on my own. The name of the HTML-Document is only “simple.html” and so it is. A simple XHTML and CSS valid Site. Funny to see this and I thought, I can show you my development in design, because I started to design earlier. Since four years I design websites and forums. In this time I tried out different kinds of design.

I have learned a lot since 2003 and I am still learning to become better.

I arranged an overview from the past years. (Click on the pictures for a better view.)

First CSS Site

This is my first site i have ever coded. Haha, try out some list styles and background.

You can see this in work, too.

Homepage 2003

Design of 2003

Homepage 2004

Design of 2004

Homepage 2005

Design of 2005

Since 2006 I design websites like this blog. Simple and clear. I like this way of webdesign.

And I am still learning…

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Searching for a Developer’s Handbook?

22. January 2007

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Then take a look at the web-developer’s handbook.

CSS Galeries, menus, seo, rss and and and…


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