Get 9 Minutes of Fame

16. February 2007

9 Minutes of Fame

Promote your weblog 9 Minutes to the hole web.

The only thing you need is the link to your rss-feed and the link to 9 minutes of fame.

If you are fast enough your site will be promoted on the frontpage. The last five entries of your weblog will be displayed and the hole internet users could read, what you are writing. If they subscribe to your rss you will get fame and maybe in the Top 10 ;)

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  • 1.
    schrieb am 17th February 2007 um 00:20 :

    i did it a lot of times :p And that is by this way i knew your blog =)

  • 2.
    schrieb am 17th February 2007 um 00:22 :

    You have to work hard to get fame. LOL :D

    Nice to hear, that I found readers there :)

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