I am a Rocker

1. July 2007

I love those tests..

You Are Rock

Powerful and overbearing, you intimidate people with your presence.

People know they can’t push you around, and they respect that.

Deep down, you are calm, confident, and unmovable.

You take everything pretty seriously, and you think deeply about all aspects of your life.

You tend to feel smothered by paper people.

You don’t mind crushing the spirit of a scissors person.

When you fight, you: Use all of your strength

If someone makes you mad: You’re likely to throw something at them

Are You Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

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  1. Jim Legington at 4. July 2007 / 00:37:

    Hey there Benedikt,

    You are really on with this design

    and I can see Your touch. Very nice, You have really out done yourself with this one. See You

    real soon and Be Blessed always!

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