A colorfull Template

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And again a template release here.

This time it is a simple colorfull homepagetemplate, which is XHtml and CSS valid.

Hope you like it.

Colorfull Homepagetemplate

Here is a live preview and HERE you can download the ZIP-FILE.

Have fun whit it.

Any questions or comments then leave a comment ;)


Great Panoramas and 360° Pictures

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I am a big fan of very large and big pictures. They impressed me every time and I can’t see enough.

Here is a collection of great panorama and 360° shots.

Panoramic view of Paris

Panoramas of landscapes. This is so beautiful. The picture “Table orientation Aiguille Percée” is brilliant. I love the sun!

Action Pictures Motocross, Ski, Biker in action.

National Parks and Monuments Many pictures around here. Cities and then Los Angeles is so beautiful.

New Year 2005-06 Panorama shots from New Years Eve Partys over the hole world.

New Year 2006-07 Same one year later.

I think I will add more links to this list in a few days, if you like.

Make a decision

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Decide what you preferr:

American Football or Basketball? = Basketball

Beatles or Rolling Stones? = Rolling Stones

Schwarzenegger or Van Damme? = van Damme

Beer or Wine? = Beer

Los Angeles or New York? = Los Angeles

Car or Bike? = Car !!

Pizza or Burger? = Pizza

PC or Apple? = Apple

Day or Night? = Day

Internet Explorer or Mozilla? = Mozilla

Black or white? = Black

Coffee or Tea? = Tea

Coca or Pepsi? = Coca

Chocolate or Chips? = Chips

Winter or Summer? = Winter

Ski or Beach? = Ski

Letter or EMail? = EMail

Dog or Cat? = Cat

BMW or Mercedes? = BMW

Simpsons or Spongebob? = Simpsons

YouTube or myVideo? = YouTube

I give this list forward to soozie, Marnie and Thea.

You can take this list and add it on you blog. And give it forward to somebody at the end, if you like ;)

Comparison of the Blog services

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Everywhere you can get a free blog at different services. I take the top 4 services and compared them by their functions and the way to use.

I compared here the services: Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Livejournal.com and Windows Live Spaces.

Comparison of the Blog services

So at the end of this comparison I can say, that blogger.com is the best way you can start with. The registration is very fast and you can directly start to blog. You have many options, but not too much, so you can handle everything. For those who only want to write posts and maybe show some images it will be ideal.

But if you have a little experience you should choose WordPress.com, because you have more options, better looking and more plugins for SEO and so on.

Maybe you are not agree with. So let me hear your opinoin in the comments.

Get 9 Minutes of Fame

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9 Minutes of Fame

Promote your weblog 9 Minutes to the hole web.

The only thing you need is the link to your rss-feed and the link to 9 minutes of fame.

If you are fast enough your site will be promoted on the frontpage. The last five entries of your weblog will be displayed and the hole internet users could read, what you are writing. If they subscribe to your rss you will get fame and maybe in the Top 10 ;)

NoFollow Tags Suck

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And the Search Engine Journal knows why.

There is a list with 13 Reasons why this link attribute (rel=”nofollow”) sucks.

Most of the bloggers don’t know that they use this attribute.

But this tag is bad for SEOs and the Search Engines Bots.

For example:

You have the following on your site: <a href=”http://www.alinktothissite.com/” rel=”nofollow”>read on here for example … and so on</a>

If you got this, the bots of a search engine aren’t able to visit the site you are linking. So the content of this site doesn’t get into the index. The result: This site can’t get a better Page Rank and goes down the search results pages.

That’s bad for the owner and for yourself.

So check another 13 reasons and know it better why NoFollow Tags Suck!


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My next WordPress Theme is called Insomniac. You can see it around here :D

Yes, actually I release my weblog theme, because I got many questions if I want to do that.

And now I decided: Yes, why not?

Some things are different, so I take screenshots from the mainpage and the comment area.

Here they are (click to enlarge):



And here you can get the one and only Insomniac theme

In the ZIP-File you will find the templates and images for the theme. If I’ve forgotten something, please let me know. I will fix it.

Of course you can ask other questions or problems in the comments, too.

So have fun and be Insomniac :D

Some beautiful navigations

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The navigation is one of the mainpart at the website. People can see directly whats going on, on this site by checking the navigationpoints.

But often this menu looks bad and it’s not integrated in the website.

Since the days of CSS Sites and valid Code you find more beautiful websites in the internet.

I have collected some beautiful navigation for your insipration. You can see whats “in” and what is possible whit css.

Navigation von Appartement Mallaun

Menu whith Icons and a nice Hover.

Navigation von DuperMag

Really good integration of the menu in the hole layout.

Navigation von Cactuslab

Navigation at top of the page.

Navigation von Diwiesign

The position and look is very good here.

Navigation von Iconkits

The active hover here is great.

Navigation von Netzhautmassage

Minimalistic navigation, but still very nice.

Navigation von Repeatnone

Navigation which is integrated in the header. Nice Idea.

If you not found a good looking navigation, you can check out Zeniltuo. There you can find over 200 css galeries.


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I found a interesting service called “Feng-GUI – Feng Shui for graphic user interfaces.™“.

You can check out there, how people view your website. You insert you webadress there and you will get a heatmap for your site.

The description there says:

Find out how people View your website or image and which areas are getting most of the attention.

The ViewFinder Heatmap service, simulates human visual attention and creates an attention heatmap.

My heatmap looks like this:

My Heatmap

heatmap me

There is also a firefox extension which will creat heatmaps of every site you are.

GMail is open for everybody

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I just saw that everyone has the chance to get an account at Google’s mail service.

Before this people only can get a Gmail account if they were invited by someone who already has one.

Now you just have to go to GMail and sign up for an account.

You’ve get 2815 MB space for your E-Mails.

Have fun with GMail ;)

Freshness – My next WordPress Theme?

Published at: Friday, February 2nd, 2007 2 Comments

I decided to design a new WordPress Theme for all wordpress users.

But I’m not sure if everbody like this, so here is a preview of the style.

Please let me know, if you interested in this theme. If there are a few people who like this I will code this theme and realese it here.

Maybe you have ideas of something I could do better. You can leave them here, too. The design is not finished yet, so I will change the theme if something looks bad.

Here is a preview (click to enlarge):

Freshness Preview

Add this – better way for bookmarking

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I really don’t like it, when there are so many buttons of different social bookmarking services at the end of the post. So I’ve searched for a better way to do and I found something interesting.

One button to rule them all!

Add this! is a fantastic service for blogger.

Easy Bookmarking – Makes it very easy for your visitors to bookmark your website or blog, and subscribe to your feeds (support most bookmarking and feed reader services)

And this only with one button. The visitor can choose his favourite bookmark service and add blog posts or the whole blog into is bookmarks.

So from now on, you can bookmark my posts ;)

USB devices are sometimes weired

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If you are looking for an “USB iGrill”, “USB heated slippers”, or “USB Flower pot speaker” then check out this site.

On it are the Top 10 weirdest USB devices ever.

Very funny, but I am still waiting for an USB Fridge!


USB Vision And Posture Reminder

I didn’t know that so many USB devices exist.

WordPress themes

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If you are looking for some really good and well designed WordPress themes, I’ve found a list at a german site.

There are 80 Layouts with screenshots. Many different styles and colors.

And here is the link

SEO Plugins for WordPress

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There are many plugins for WordPress to optimize your blog for search engine.

Here is a list with usefull plugins and their functions.

Jerome’s Keywords Plugin

Jerome’s Keywords” is a plugin for WordPress 1.5.x and 2.0 and to associate keywords with your posts.

The bots of search engines likes to follow links. Tags are links, too. You can display a whole list of used tags. (e.g Tag-Cloud) Links within you blog is always good.

Google Sitemap

This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.

The search engine take notice if you write a post. Bots are coming and you are happy :)

Meta Plugin

This plugin allows you to specify META information, that is keywords and descriptions, for your posts and pages

This plugin will give every site of your blog an individual meta-description and meta-keywords.

Related Posts

The last plugin is the “Related Posts” plugin. It is very usefull for your visitors and for the bots. People can get directly a quick overview of the content of your blog. You can see it in my blog, too.

But in wordpress you can make changes, too.

You can ping a service when you want to publish a post.

Update Services are tools you can use to let other people know you’ve updated your blog. WordPress automatically notifies popular Update Services that you’ve updated your blog by sending a XML-RPC (http://www.xmlrpc.com/) ping each time you create or update a post.

Check out Ping-Services

If you want to add one, you have to click on Options >> Writing >> Update Services >> Update

Last but not least there are permalinks.

The links in wordpress looking like this: http://www.example.com/?p=22

For optimal Search Engine Optimization you can edit them, because they are not good for them. In “Options >> Permalinks” you can select from different kinds of Permalinks. A better view of Permalinks is for example: http://www.example.com/tipps/seo-optimization. So the visitors and of course the bots could “read” the links.

You can find more about this at WordPress – Using Permalinks.