My themes at the Theme viewer

25. March 2007

A few days ago i got the right to upload themes at the Theme viewer.

You can see my themes there in action.

The following are uploaded there:

Dreaming (new one)




You can get support for these themes here, or write me a email.


  1. JJ at 26. May 2007 / 02:35:

    hey, cool site. have you done anything with creating video blogging? do you offer those kinds of services?

  2. Anaxoret at 30. May 2007 / 21:46:

    Hi. It is historical overviews site. Thanks.

  3. syst3m at 21. December 2007 / 05:59:

    I’m liking the Redox theme, but 1 small thing need should be changed, atleast for the english version. You should change the links in “RSS Feeds” from german into English.

  4. Dave at 28. January 2008 / 14:35:

    Hi, I am thinking of using your Insomniac template for WordPress. Is there anyway I can customize the sidebar? I wanted to add some author info or image? Thanks ! PS. I am quite new to WordPress.

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