NoFollow Tags Suck

16. February 2007

And the Search Engine Journal knows why.

There is a list with 13 Reasons why this link attribute (rel=”nofollow”) sucks.

Most of the bloggers don’t know that they use this attribute.

But this tag is bad for SEOs and the Search Engines Bots.

For example:

You have the following on your site: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>read on here for example … and so on</a>

If you got this, the bots of a search engine aren’t able to visit the site you are linking. So the content of this site doesn’t get into the index. The result: This site can’t get a better Page Rank and goes down the search results pages.

That’s bad for the owner and for yourself.

So check another 13 reasons and know it better why NoFollow Tags Suck!

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