Back in Business

11. February 2008

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Long time ago i’ve wirtten my last entry in this blog.

Things changed in last time. I finished school (in Germany you have to go to school about 13 years) and in a few weeks I finished my ‘Zivildienst’, too. Translated into english it’s something like Civilian Service. I didn’t want to go to army so I decided to do this in a school with handicapped pupils. (Zivildienst – Wiki)

And now I want to blog again in english. Just for fun.

Let’s see…

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Visited Countries

2. March 2007

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create your own visited country map

[visited 13 countries (5%)]


I have to travel more …

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23. February 2007

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Something new, something different!

YEAH, I have designed a new theme for my wordpress blog in the last two days.

Maybe there are bugs or something like that, but I am still working on this.

But the most of it is already done and I don’t want to wait any longer to show you this style.

The choose of the colors is very different to my old style, but I think I should try something new.

Yes, what more can I say?

I want to know what you are thinking about this.

So please leave a comment with your opinion :)

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Make a decision

18. February 2007

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Decide what you preferr:

American Football or Basketball? = Basketball

Beatles or Rolling Stones? = Rolling Stones

Schwarzenegger or Van Damme? = van Damme

Beer or Wine? = Beer

Los Angeles or New York? = Los Angeles

Car or Bike? = Car !!

Pizza or Burger? = Pizza

PC or Apple? = Apple

Day or Night? = Day

Internet Explorer or Mozilla? = Mozilla

Black or white? = Black

Coffee or Tea? = Tea

Coca or Pepsi? = Coca

Chocolate or Chips? = Chips

Winter or Summer? = Winter

Ski or Beach? = Ski

Letter or EMail? = EMail

Dog or Cat? = Cat

BMW or Mercedes? = BMW

Simpsons or Spongebob? = Simpsons

YouTube or myVideo? = YouTube

I give this list forward to soozie, Marnie and Thea.

You can take this list and add it on you blog. And give it forward to somebody at the end, if you like ;)

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