23. February 2007

Something new, something different!

YEAH, I have designed a new theme for my wordpress blog in the last two days.

Maybe there are bugs or something like that, but I am still working on this.

But the most of it is already done and I don’t want to wait any longer to show you this style.

The choose of the colors is very different to my old style, but I think I should try something new.

Yes, what more can I say?

I want to know what you are thinking about this.

So please leave a comment with your opinion :)

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  • 1.
    schrieb am 23rd February 2007 um 22:59 :

    NOOO!!! NOOO!! I’m going blind.. OMG!! PINK EVERYWHERE!! Aaaahhhh… (runs away as fast as possible)

  • 2.
    schrieb am 23rd February 2007 um 23:03 :

    Ilker! THINK PINK ! :D

  • 3.
    schrieb am 23rd February 2007 um 23:14 :


    Love it. Pink is IN :D

  • 4.
    Feral Pundit
    schrieb am 23rd February 2007 um 23:47 :

    I like the colors. Nice and clean design with interesting color. Looks Great!

  • 5.
    schrieb am 23rd February 2007 um 23:55 :

    Very nice and “WEB 2.0″ :D

    Great work Benedikt

  • 6.
    schrieb am 23rd February 2007 um 23:58 :

    I like this color,and style is also cleaning and great.

    wordpress sounds a good thing.

  • 7.
    Marnie aka High Priestess Kang
    schrieb am 24th February 2007 um 01:42 :

    Wow!!! I absolutely love it. I really do!!!

    It’s fresh, clean and concise, yet not dull and drab. Congratulations! I think you have picked a winner.

  • 8.
    Jim Legington
    schrieb am 24th February 2007 um 03:44 :

    Hey Benedikt,

    Great Information, so this is the new design You mentioned. For me the blend

    of colors is nice on a softer background.

    You are doing a great job with Your Blog

    just remember humans do have to read it.

    I love the way You designed the comment

    box. I just wonder what a gray backround

    with Green Fonts would be like here.

    Just a thought, I’m thinking out loud .

    Really is smooth in layout, maybe it will

    grow on me in a few, this is just an opinion and I sense You want it to be a best display. Again, I love this comment box. Keep up the great work, I feel You.

    Be Blessed always… Later Jim

  • 9.
    Ro bin
    schrieb am 24th February 2007 um 04:52 :

    WOW!!! Its really cool, I love it. Pretty neat layout.

    I have been considering a redesign too.


  • 10.
    schrieb am 24th February 2007 um 14:54 :

    Really beautiful Design especially the pink

  • 11.
    Dragos Roua
    schrieb am 24th February 2007 um 19:26 :

    Looks ok. Pink is a color too, and we are allowed to use it ;-) I like the readbility, most of all, it let you focus on the content.

  • 12.
    schrieb am 24th February 2007 um 21:08 :

    I like the colours!

    Greetings from Belgium

  • 13.
    schrieb am 24th February 2007 um 23:06 :

    Like the blue theme :-)

    Half the starting letters of the following post are not visible on left side, the rest is.

    “And this only with one button. The visitor can choose his favourite bookmark service and add blog posts or the whole blog into is bookmarks.

    So from now on, you can bookmark my posts”

    Esp love the green n red buttons on blue background :)

  • 14.
    schrieb am 25th February 2007 um 21:48 :

    I really like the new theme. It’s very clean and stylish, and the touches of pink add a nice contrast.

  • 15.
    schrieb am 26th February 2007 um 01:51 :

    interesting color combination benedikt

    i love the color of your rss icon :p

  • 16.
    schrieb am 27th March 2007 um 11:52 :

    Blog of directtv

  • 17.
    schrieb am 20th May 2007 um 20:10 :


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