The next MyBlogLog?

21. February 2007

Just seen, that there is a new service called Explode.

This is a next social network and it is similar to MyBlogLog.

Maybe I will create an account there to check this new service out.

But if you don’t want to wait: There is an article called Look Out MyBlogLog – Here Comes Explode on TechCrunch.

Everywhere you can get a free blog at different services. I take the top 4 services and compared them by their functions and the way to use.

I compared here the services:,, and Windows Live Spaces.

  • Fast registration
  • easy way to use
  • Tagoption in posts
  • Add and arrange Page Elements on Frontpage
  • Many settings
  • Good Templateeditor (edit HTML, too – Build own theme)
  • RSS-Feed and nearly XHtml and CSS valid
  • No categories
  • Profile and Comments on another page, not directly in the blog
  • Navbar on top
  • Plugininstalltion difficult
  • Only write posts – no sites

  • Fast and easy registration
  • easy way to use
  • dashboard with own style andmany settings
  • blog and feed stats
  • write pages
  • set categories
  • many themes and plugins are preinstalled
  • rss-feed, xhtml and css valid
  • can not build own theme
  • limited space (50MB)
  • A litle bit difficult for beginners

  • Slowest registration but still good
  • Choose between two variants of the account
  • Choose your mood, tags, location and music at a post
  • Friend and community system
  • Nearly xhtml and css valid
  • Helpmail how to start
  • Create a poll
  • Advertisement !
  • It is not easy to handle
  • Navbar on top (Microsoft Space)

  • More or less easy to use
  • Many themes and options
  • Integrated statictictool
  • You can send trackbacks to other blogs
  • In other blogs you have a blog it option
  • no tags
  • very slow
  • Too many scripts in the code
  • You are not able to edit the css or html code

So at the end of this comparison I can say, that is the best way you can start with. The registration is very fast and you can directly start to blog. You have many options, but not too much, so you can handle everything. For those who only want to write posts and maybe show some images it will be ideal.

But if you have a little experience you should choose, because you have more options, better looking and more plugins for SEO and so on.

Maybe you are not agree with. So let me hear your opinoin in the comments.

Get 9 Minutes of Fame

16. February 2007

9 Minutes of Fame

Promote your weblog 9 Minutes to the hole web.

The only thing you need is the link to your rss-feed and the link to 9 minutes of fame.

If you are fast enough your site will be promoted on the frontpage. The last five entries of your weblog will be displayed and the hole internet users could read, what you are writing. If they subscribe to your rss you will get fame and maybe in the Top 10 ;)


9. February 2007

I found a interesting service called “Feng-GUI – Feng Shui for graphic user interfaces.™“.

You can check out there, how people view your website. You insert you webadress there and you will get a heatmap for your site.

The description there says:

Find out how people View your website or image and which areas are getting most of the attention.

The ViewFinder Heatmap service, simulates human visual attention and creates an attention heatmap.

My heatmap looks like this:

My Heatmap

heatmap me

There is also a firefox extension which will creat heatmaps of every site you are.

I really don’t like it, when there are so many buttons of different social bookmarking services at the end of the post. So I’ve searched for a better way to do and I found something interesting.

One button to rule them all!

Add this! is a fantastic service for blogger.

Easy Bookmarking – Makes it very easy for your visitors to bookmark your website or blog, and subscribe to your feeds (support most bookmarking and feed reader services)

And this only with one button. The visitor can choose his favourite bookmark service and add blog posts or the whole blog into is bookmarks.

So from now on, you can bookmark my posts ;)