Should I start writing in English?

21. January 2007

In my other weblog I ask the following:

You can often read that one has more success with his weblog when the author writes in English. Most people of the world understand this langauge and so do most of my people.

MyBlogLog gives me the mental impetus to start thinking about that. If I write my blog entries in English i can give everybody the chance to understand me.

I get a good feedback for the design but most are not able to understand anything. The translation by bablefish is not very good so either I start writing English or the English speakers must read it by this translation.

The biggest problem I have is that I could not handle this language very well and my sentences are very simple. I can not image that I am able to write whole movie reviews in a good way. But I can try and I think it is not bad when I learn this world language better.

So now I decided: YES!

I make this weblog only for english speakers.

So I hope you like the design :D

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  1. Beloy at 8. February 2007 / 15:45:

    Benedikt, this is advantage of non-native English speakers, – they speak SIMPLE! And it’s a very valuable commodity in today’s overloaded Internet!

    By the way, I think in RUSSIAN!

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