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15. February 2007

The navigation is one of the mainpart at the website. People can see directly whats going on, on this site by checking the navigationpoints.

But often this menu looks bad and it’s not integrated in the website.

Since the days of CSS Sites and valid Code you find more beautiful websites in the internet.

I have collected some beautiful navigation for your insipration. You can see whats “in” and what is possible whit css.

Navigation von Appartement Mallaun

Menu whith Icons and a nice Hover.

Navigation von DuperMag

Really good integration of the menu in the hole layout.

Navigation von Cactuslab

Navigation at top of the page.

Navigation von Diwiesign

The position and look is very good here.

Navigation von Iconkits

The active hover here is great.

Navigation von Netzhautmassage

Minimalistic navigation, but still very nice.

Navigation von Repeatnone

Navigation which is integrated in the header. Nice Idea.

If you not found a good looking navigation, you can check out Zeniltuo. There you can find over 200 css galeries.

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    schrieb am 16th February 2007 um 17:32 :

    Thanks for featuring me :D

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