The glasses for success

27. March 2007

I read an article at the thinking blog called: “Eureka: Futuristic Eyewear Displays“. It’s about glasses which are able to create a virtual screen in front of your eyes.

So I got a fantastic idea. At first I will scan all my schoolbooks and lists of dates and make a video. Then I buy such glasses and I will wear it when I write my a-level exams. So when I write my six hour exam I will watch this.

Yeah this would be great.

Waa, but I think my teacher will the seen the screen, too. Damn it. So I have to learn ….


  • 1.
    schrieb am 28th March 2007 um 00:04 :

    LOL! Almost..

  • 2.
    schrieb am 6th April 2007 um 08:47 :

    It would be even more awesome if they could build it into contact lenses.

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