The next MyBlogLog?

21. February 2007

Just seen, that there is a new service called Explode.

This is a next social network and it is similar to MyBlogLog.

Maybe I will create an account there to check this new service out.

But if you don’t want to wait: There is an article called Look Out MyBlogLog – Here Comes Explode on TechCrunch.


  • 1.
    HART (1-800-HART)
    schrieb am 24th February 2007 um 00:34 :

    Design looks good benedikt .. although, the bubble in the logo is hard to read and with the colors pink with the white mouseover might look good with purple and pink mouseover .. but, that’s just a color change – design is nice and readable.

  • 2.
    schrieb am 24th February 2007 um 10:35 :

    I like the new design especially the pink arrows nice and tidy very fresh I like it easy to read too Greetzz Soozie

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