Vlogs in an Overview

3. March 2007

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Yeah, much information over the globe and you can get them all on your PC through the internet.

Videoblogs are great and maybe the next generation of the Weblogs? Who knows…

I’ve collected some good Vlogs and create a list. The Vlogs are about Media, Politics, Internet, Celebrity, Entertainment, and more.

Here we go…

  • Amanda for ABC News
  • Media, Politics, Internet, mostly everything
  • Jetset Show
  • Weird, Fun, Geeky, Music, Daily Life things
  • Scriggity
  • Weird, Fun, Scriggity!!
  • TheMap – Videos
  • News and so on xD
  • Digital Trends
  • let me think… hm it’s about Digital Trends
  • TeXtra
  • Technology News – Really GREAT!
  • CnetTV
  • Internet, Technologies
  • Reuters
  • What can I say to Reuters.. interesting, good, international, news around the globe
  • Rocketboom
  • Internet, News, Comment – Daily
  • Geekentertainment
  • erm? Geek?!
  • Mobuzztv
  • Internet, News, CYBER NEWS o.O
  • GeekBrief
  • The name, look at the name..
  • 1938Media
  • Ya, everything, politics, celebrity, entertainment, internet
  • TVsquad
  • celebrity, entertainment
  • The9 on Yahoo!
  • celebrity, entertainment
  • Rich pretty girl
  • celebrity, entertainment, internet ..

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Visited Countries

2. March 2007

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create your own visited country map

[visited 13 countries (5%)]


I have to travel more …

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Roadmap of the 21st Century

21. January 2007

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What will happen in the next 100 years?

What happend in the last years?

Who is interested in such questions can check out the page Detailed Roadmap of the 21st Century by Peter Pesti.

Great page :)

Oh, 2081: Britney Spears is 100 years old :D

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