31. May 2007

WordPress Theme: Classy 1.0

I just released a new wordpress theme called Classy!

You can get support in this post.

Here it comes:


Download it here, or at the Theme viewer.


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11. May 2007

Wet dynamite – WordPress Theme

Hey there!

I released a new wordpress theme today.

Small preview:


Check it out at the Theme viewer

Have fun ;)


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26. March 2007

Free stuff! Icons, Blogthemes and Homepagetemplates

If you want to start a homepage or a weblog you don’t need knowledge of HTML or CSS. There are many Homepage and Blogtemplates on the internet. If you ever googled for free templated you’ll get hundred of sites with templates, but the most of them are not free or the quality is very bad.


  • Open Source Web Design
  • Currently more than 2000 Homepagetemplates
  • Freewebtemplates
  • Many business templates.
  • Templatemonster
  • At template monster you will get only templates for paying, but there are some free sample templates.
  • Freewebsitetemplatess
  • Many templates without copyrights.
  • Freelayouts
  • Freelayouts has myspace and cms templates, too.
  • Freecsstemplates
  • Very nice CSS Templates.
  • dezinehub
  • Many templates for different topics.
  • entheoswebb
  • Simple Templates.
  • effex-media
  • Good and many Templates


  • blogger-templates
  • Free Themes for blogs at blogger.com
  • ehsany
  • Free Themes for blogs at blogger.com in different languages.
  • WordPress Theme Viewer
  • Everyone knows that.
  • smashingmagazine
  • Great Posting with 83 beautiful wp themes.
  • kopfkribbeln
  • In german, but download and preview is english ;)
  • wpthemes
  • Very nice wordpress themes from Sadish
  • fahlstad
  • Nice quality themes.
  • How to Blog
  • A list with 980+ WordPress themes from “How to Blog”
  • It could be this one
  • Could it be a wordpress theme from this one?


  • Maxpower
  • Nice Icon collection for webiste
  • FamFamFam
  • Many Icons for your weblog or website. Very nice!
  • Everaldo
  • High quality Icons for sure.


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23. February 2007


Something new, something different!

YEAH, I have designed a new theme for my wordpress blog in the last two days.

Maybe there are bugs or something like that, but I am still working on this.

But the most of it is already done and I don’t want to wait any longer to show you this style.

The choose of the colors is very different to my old style, but I think I should try something new.

Yes, what more can I say?

I want to know what you are thinking about this.

So please leave a comment with your opinion :)


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19. February 2007

A colorfull Template

And again a template release here.

This time it is a simple colorfull homepagetemplate, which is XHtml and CSS valid.

Hope you like it.

Colorfull Homepagetemplate

Here is a live preview and HERE you can download the ZIP-FILE.

Have fun whit it.

Any questions or comments then leave a comment ;)


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16. February 2007


My next WordPress Theme is called Insomniac. You can see it around here :D

Yes, actually I release my weblog theme, because I got many questions if I want to do that.

And now I decided: Yes, why not?

Some things are different, so I take screenshots from the mainpage and the comment area.

Here they are (click to enlarge):



And here you can get the one and only Insomniac theme

In the ZIP-File you will find the templates and images for the theme. If I’ve forgotten something, please let me know. I will fix it.

Of course you can ask other questions or problems in the comments, too.

So have fun and be Insomniac :D


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2. February 2007

Freshness – My next WordPress Theme?

I decided to design a new WordPress Theme for all wordpress users.

But I’m not sure if everbody like this, so here is a preview of the style.

Please let me know, if you interested in this theme. If there are a few people who like this I will code this theme and realese it here.

Maybe you have ideas of something I could do better. You can leave them here, too. The design is not finished yet, so I will change the theme if something looks bad.

Here is a preview (click to enlarge):

Freshness Preview


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1. February 2007

WordPress themes

If you are looking for some really good and well designed WordPress themes, I’ve found a list at a german site.

There are 80 Layouts with screenshots. Many different styles and colors.

And here is the link


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21. January 2007

Redox – WordPress Theme

I have something for you. I have published a WordPress Theme a few days ago called Redox in germany.

Now it is translate into English and prepared it for release.

Demo of the theme:

Screenshot WordPressstyle Redox

Here you can download the ZIP-Archive.

Hope you like it. If you have a question, you can ask them.


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