1. June 2007

Ultimate list of WordPress resources


WordPress is one of the best blog software and there many themes, plugins and seo tips for it. So you need a list with all that stuff in it. Here we go.

Getting Started

  • How to install WordPress 2.0
  • Getting Started with WordPress from WordPress.com
  • Getting Started with WordPress Blogs
  • Tips for first steps



There are many plugins for wordpress. Most of them are listed at Wp-Plugins. But there too much, to know which of them are good and which are not.

Lorelle has list bloggers favorite WordPress Plugins and this is really good.

more WordPress Plugins:

  • TOP 30 WordPress Plugins in Blogosphere
  • Widgetbox
  • Top WordPress Plugins
  • 8 Invaluable WordPress Plugins!
  • My Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins
  • 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense



The theme of a blog is very important and if you are not able to create an own theme you can check out the following links.

  • Theme viewer
  • 100 Favourite WordPress Themes
  • 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen
  • 10 Fresh, Elegant and Clean WordPress Themes
  • The Best Minimalist WordPress Themes
  • Comprehensive list of 980+ Free WordPress Themes
  • iTheme – iMac look like Theme
  • WordPress Themes
  • (1)Top Ten Best Free WordPress Themes and Templates
  • (2)Top Best Free WordPress Themes and Templates

Theme Generator

If you want to create a unique personalized WordPress theme, but don’t know how to use CSS or PHP: try this Theme Generator. Change colors, layout, header, font, several settings and preview instantly. Result is a saved to .zip file, download, extract and upload. Great new WordPress tool. Das nennt sich WordPress Theme Generator. Another generator isCanvas. This is a wordpress plugin and you can create your theme direct in your blog.

Using WordPress as CMS

  • WordPress as cms – BEST!
  • Using WordPress as CMS
  • From Weblog to CMS with WordPress
  • What is “Using WordPress as CMS”?
  • CMS

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO), a subset of search engine marketing, is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (”organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results, or the higher it “ranks,” the more searchers will visit that site. SEO can also target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.


  • Search Engine Optimization for Blogs – SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization for WordPress
  • Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization Guide
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for WordPress 2.0
  • SEO Plugins for WordPress


How i get traffic with my blog? This is a difficult question. Some people post excellent tips:

  • How to Promote Your Blog – Pro Blogger Tips
  • Guide to Blog Promotion
  • 55 Social Bookmarking Sites to Promote Your Blog Articles
  • How to Promote Your Blog
  • 52 of the Best Ways to Promote your Blog and your Business


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31. May 2007

WordPress Theme: Classy 1.0

I just released a new wordpress theme called Classy!

You can get support in this post.

Here it comes:


Download it here, or at the Theme viewer.


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11. May 2007

Wet dynamite – WordPress Theme

Hey there!

I released a new wordpress theme today.

Small preview:


Check it out at the Theme viewer

Have fun ;)


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16. February 2007


My next WordPress Theme is called Insomniac. You can see it around here :D

Yes, actually I release my weblog theme, because I got many questions if I want to do that.

And now I decided: Yes, why not?

Some things are different, so I take screenshots from the mainpage and the comment area.

Here they are (click to enlarge):



And here you can get the one and only Insomniac theme

In the ZIP-File you will find the templates and images for the theme. If I’ve forgotten something, please let me know. I will fix it.

Of course you can ask other questions or problems in the comments, too.

So have fun and be Insomniac :D


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2. February 2007

Freshness – My next WordPress Theme?

I decided to design a new WordPress Theme for all wordpress users.

But I’m not sure if everbody like this, so here is a preview of the style.

Please let me know, if you interested in this theme. If there are a few people who like this I will code this theme and realese it here.

Maybe you have ideas of something I could do better. You can leave them here, too. The design is not finished yet, so I will change the theme if something looks bad.

Here is a preview (click to enlarge):

Freshness Preview


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1. February 2007

WordPress themes

If you are looking for some really good and well designed WordPress themes, I’ve found a list at a german site.

There are 80 Layouts with screenshots. Many different styles and colors.

And here is the link


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27. January 2007

SEO Plugins for WordPress

There are many plugins for WordPress to optimize your blog for search engine.

Here is a list with usefull plugins and their functions.

Jerome’s Keywords Plugin

Jerome’s Keywords” is a plugin for WordPress 1.5.x and 2.0 and to associate keywords with your posts.

The bots of search engines likes to follow links. Tags are links, too. You can display a whole list of used tags. (e.g Tag-Cloud) Links within you blog is always good.

Google Sitemap

This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.

The search engine take notice if you write a post. Bots are coming and you are happy :)

Meta Plugin

This plugin allows you to specify META information, that is keywords and descriptions, for your posts and pages

This plugin will give every site of your blog an individual meta-description and meta-keywords.

Related Posts

The last plugin is the “Related Posts” plugin. It is very usefull for your visitors and for the bots. People can get directly a quick overview of the content of your blog. You can see it in my blog, too.

But in wordpress you can make changes, too.

You can ping a service when you want to publish a post.

Update Services are tools you can use to let other people know you’ve updated your blog. WordPress automatically notifies popular Update Services that you’ve updated your blog by sending a XML-RPC (http://www.xmlrpc.com/) ping each time you create or update a post.

Check out Ping-Services

If you want to add one, you have to click on Options >> Writing >> Update Services >> Update

Last but not least there are permalinks.

The links in wordpress looking like this: http://www.example.com/?p=22

For optimal Search Engine Optimization you can edit them, because they are not good for them. In “Options >> Permalinks” you can select from different kinds of Permalinks. A better view of Permalinks is for example: http://www.example.com/tipps/seo-optimization. So the visitors and of course the bots could “read” the links.

You can find more about this at WordPress – Using Permalinks.


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21. January 2007

Redox – WordPress Theme

I have something for you. I have published a WordPress Theme a few days ago called Redox in germany.

Now it is translate into English and prepared it for release.

Demo of the theme:

Screenshot WordPressstyle Redox

Here you can download the ZIP-Archive.

Hope you like it. If you have a question, you can ask them.


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